An ode to the sexiest sad man, Jon Snow

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Can I somehow un-watch the last Game of Thrones episode? Maybe this way Jon ”Sexy” Snow won’t get killed after all. By now it’s probably no longer a secret that Jon Snow is killed on the last episode of Game of Thrones, but fans all over the world (especially females, including me) are hoping that he will somehow come back on the next season. Yes, he’s really hot, the hottest guy coverd in furs if I may add, but his character is also very important in this crazy, bloody, incestuous story.

Jon-Snow-Game-Thrones-GIFsJon Snow is a bastard (or at least that’s what’s been called one too many times not to get annoying), but he was chosen Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, a very high distinction that he earned. Rumour has it that he’s not actually Stark’s bastard son, but his sister’s Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen’s son, wich could justify the importance of his character in the book and in the movie. Moreover, killing him before fighting the White Walkers is a complete nonsense.

He had it coming, that’s true, I saw it when he went saving the wildlings, but this can’t be the end for Jon Snow. Yes, he was stabbed several times by his fellows crows, but the arriving of Melisandre (The Red Woman, priestess of the Lord of Light) in the exact same day cannot be just a pure coincidence. I’m just afraid that she’ll bring him to life different, not as honourable as he is… or was, I really can’t tell right now. Game of Thrones still needs some handsome good lads, like John Snow. I reckon he must have learned something by now, right?

What do you think/hope about Jon Snow’s death in the last episode of GoT? P.S. Kit Harrington is also on my top 10 hottest male celebrities, check his perfect smile right here. Doesn’t he look exactly like a cute kitten? game of thrones ygritte




  1. dturcu says:

    Agreed on the Jon Snow resurrection. in one of the earlier seasons, lady melisandre sees another priest of the ‘god of fire’ bring someone back from the dead. I’m quite sure she’ll bring him back as well.
    Besides, it would seem the show to be running out of main characters 🙂 with jon snow gone, stannis dead (it seemed obvious from the very beginning that he was just a pawn), the North is like sheep to the slaughter. the Lannisters aren’t doing quite well themselves these days, and the khaleesi is either in a favorable situation or a heap of trouble. Either way, there seems to be no apparent close-future action, as all characters seem to be in the process of build-up.
    God, this show is complex.

    1. dturcu says:

      also – I first read “an ode to the sexist sad man jon snow” and only realized my mistake at the end of the article, so my expectations of the article were… quite different 🙂

      1. Zâna Boemă says:

        I don’t usually have celebrity crushes, but when I do, my judgement moves down south :))

    2. Zâna Boemă says:

      Actually, I’ve got my money on the drunk but resourceful little Lannister, he’s survived quite a few dangerous situations. He’s smart and kind in a very strange way.

      1. dturcu says:

        i wouldn’t say drunk – rather a connoisseur of fine grape beverages . 🙂

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